Et voilà !

I’ve been thinking for awhile that I ought to do more to (1) connect with people in the polytheist world and (b) put Gaulish polytheistic reconstructionism more on the map. Yes, I know I started out counting by Arabic numerals and continued with lowercase letters. That happened. It’s over, it’s done with. Why can’t you just drop it already? Don’t you see there are more important things at stake here?

(Hey, I’m a polytheist. I’m into polyvalent things. That’s just the way it is.)

Anyway, so I’m certainly not the only Gaulish polytheist out there, not by a long way. However, by throwing down the Gaulish gauntlet, this blog—like my website—aspires to get a conversation started about what the ways and means of 21st-century Gaulish polytheism can be.

The god who reigns supreme in Gaul is Mercury. I therefore close with an invocation to that ineffable god, who is my patron, my constant guide and my protector.

August Mercury, guide of travellers, guide me upon my journey into WordPress and beyond. Mercury Dumias, reigning supreme from the Puy de Dôme, look kindly upon my endeavours and favour them with your inexhaustible grace. Psychopomp, guide of souls, intercessor of the gods, let this work lead me ever closer to divinity. Help me to see my faults and accept uncertainties as I seek continually after your divine truth.


About DeoMercurio

I’m a Gaulish polytheist, now back living in lands ceded by the Council of Three Fires after several years’ sojourn in Anatolia and in the land of the Senecas, with frequent travels to Gaul along the way. My grandfather’s family came from the area around Trier, and I identify closely with the Treveri in my religious practice.
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