Polytheist Leadership Conference

Presentations like this really make me wish I were in a position to make it out to the Polytheist Leadership Conference in Fishkill this summer. After PantheaCon, however, I reckoned that I unfortunately wouldn’t have either the money or the vacation days for such a venture. I must admit, though, that as I kept seeing the presentations come in—from the Ephesia Grammata to the gods and the good—my thoughts ran ahead of themselves. What if I could go? I might fly rather than drive—that would save time. Indeed, why might I not join the conversation? I was, as immodest as this may sound, well advanced in a mental rough draft for a presentation and discussion of my own, when it occurred to me to double-check the dates in question. No dice. This was the very weekend slated for a family reunion in Milwaukee, which I’m not really in a position to miss.

I have only to remind myself that, after all, I never did have the money or vacation days to spare, and to convey my very sincerest blessings on the whole undertaking. Any chance of an audio recording of some of the sessions, I wonder?

About DeoMercurio

I’m a Gaulish polytheist, now back living in lands ceded by the Council of Three Fires after several years’ sojourn in Anatolia and in the land of the Senecas, with frequent travels to Gaul along the way. My grandfather’s family came from the area around Trier, and I identify closely with the Treveri in my religious practice.
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3 Responses to Polytheist Leadership Conference

  1. disirdottir says:

    This is in fact the one I am most sorry to be missing. . . ironic, my work in this area is one of the key reasons I cannot go. . .

    What would your proposal for a presentation have been? 🙂

    • DeoMercurio says:

      Sad, eh? What will you be doing in the area?
      The presentation would have been about interpretatio (romana or other) and its theological implications, outlining various theories or interpretations and getting the audience to speak (and vote) on them. Maybe 2015?
      Thank you for commenting. 😉
      (PS: You found me!)

      • disirdottir says:

        Ha! Sorry, did not mean geographical area of the event, I meant the theoretical area of the Thracian’s talk. Leaving Seattle in glorious high summer to fly across the country to not-my-territory to discuss the importance of connection with the land. . . ouch. For me, that idea that feels incredibly wrenching, discordant and counterproductive.

        Tell me more of these potential theological implications of interpretatio. . .

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