Prayer to Rosmerta

I like to devote some attention to Rosmerta one week before the beginning of the new month (ante diem VIII Kalendas, in period lingo). Here is the prayer I offer on such occasions, bringing together the themes of abundance, providence, felicity, and the agricultural cycle, all of which seem to be present in Rosmerta’s ancient cultus:

“Dea Rosmerta, in you the earth through its changing seasons rejoices. Your providence brings forth the blessings of new growth, of bearing fruit, of abundant harvests, of good things stored through the winter. Through you, we mortals reap the rewards of comfort, security, and prosperity. Enrich me, Rosmerta, with these gifts, as you now enrich the land with the promise of plenty. Give me felicity of thought, felicity of speech, and the felicity of rich rewards.”

About DeoMercurio

I’m a Gaulish polytheist, now back living in lands ceded by the Council of Three Fires after several years’ sojourn in Anatolia and in the land of the Senecas, with frequent travels to Gaul along the way. My grandfather’s family came from the area around Trier, and I identify closely with the Treveri in my religious practice.
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5 Responses to Prayer to Rosmerta

  1. Heather Awen says:

    I would like to include this in the Celtic prison book. As they can’t go online, they don’t have access to what everyone does and this is beautiful.

    • DeoMercurio says:

      I would *love* for you to include this in the Celtic prison book. (For the image, we’d need to get the permission of the artist, though I doubt that would be a problem…)

  2. Heather Awen says:

    Wonderful! What name are you using? I have some common copyright photos of Roman Gaulish and Brythonic deities, which I’m happy about! Plus illustrator working on little images for the bottom of half filled pages so I can engage people who are visual learners. Please do email me at I’m not and neither are any contributors getting any money so it’s really a big devotional offering. If you know any artists who would like include black and white images somehow connected to Celtic… stuff please do let them know I do need images. I also need a full color cover for Steel Bars Scared Waters.

    Can you explain the intro to the prayer in grade 8 level writing? A lot of people are struggling to get their GEDs and one woman told me she has to read with a dictionary. So I’m asking people to use as easy to read language as possible. There’s no footnotes as those numbers in sentences would be very confusing so writing “XYZ wrote in ABC that…” is my suggestion.

    I have a feeling it’ll go over the 400 pages limit! But it’s $8 for incarcerated people and I have to get as much as possible in there while still having it cohesive. Mostly things to do and relating the cultural ideas to everyday life helps.

    Rituals are probably solitary. I aim to have it meet the minimum of what many readers will have: paper, pen without the hard casing and tap water. A lot can have candles some can have incense. Food rations are small and the store is expensive, most Ramen noodles and othet junk. Going near a tree or even touching soil could be impossible. But I have friends in prison giving suggestions for art materials and with MCS I can’t use candles, color fabric, paint, color paper, incense etc either. And I have some lists of things the prison store sells at some prisons (35% mark up) so I know about things they could buy if they saved up like a bandanna or shoe laces. So if the rituals you or others have need props I’m pretty good at afterwards writing ways to do substitutions.

    Whew! Thank you so much. It feels good when everyone is so filled with fear about the future to be doing something about the present and probable future. It’s a good cure for the “what if” terrors.

    • DeoMercurio says:

      I’ve just replied via email. Please let me know if you didn’t get it! 🙂 Once again, so many thanks and blessings for taking this project on. This is wonderful. 😀

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