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Diuae Augustae Faustinae

September 21 was the birthday of Faustina the Elder. I’ve had this on my calendar of dates of interest for a long while, as it’s part of my practice to honour (or at least acknowledge) the diui and diuae that … Continue reading

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Honouring Epona Ritual

Originally posted on Musings of a Scottish Hearth Druid:
Last month I wrote about plans I had to host a ritual Honouring Epona on Saturday 3rd October in Glasgow. I had made a Facebook event for this and circulated it in a…

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A capital suggestion!

In one of her comments on an earlier post I’d made, River Devora made the excellent suggestion that I post my Gaulish translation of her chant to the Matronæ to Youtube. I apologize for not having made that happen earlier; … Continue reading

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