Fluctuat nec mergitur

Marianne en deuil

Marianne weeps for her dead. From @LesCartons

Things have been an all too eventful lately. Like much of the world, my mind is reeling from the scale and the senselessness of the attacks on Friday night in and near Paris. The scores of innocent people killed, and the hundreds more injured or traumatized in these attacks, came from all walks of life—regular concert-goers, diners, sports fans—ordinary people enjoying a night out on a crisp autumnal Friday night. It will surprise no one, of course, to find among the dead such names as those of Mohamed Amine Ibnolmobarek from Morocco, Kheireddine Sahbi from France, Elif Doğan from Belgium, and the sisters Haalima and Hodda Saadi from Tunisia. This is the reality of Paris: it is a cosmopolitan, worldly, bon-vivant city which millions of Muslims enjoy side by side with non-Muslims, obeying the laws of a secular republic that stands pledged to ensure liberty and equality before the law to all its citizens. Despite the many tensions that exist within French society with respect to cultural and religious identity, French multiculturalism is objectively speaking a fact of life—a success, in many ways—that is intolerable to those who are interested only in enslaving the masses body and mind, in desecrating the sacred, and in destroying all space for mutual tolerance and diversity. Those who understand the political geography of Paris will recognize the significance of the neighbourhoods targeted—Place de la République, Place de la Bastille—as high places of memory for the revolutionary, generous, freedom-loving France of solidarity and social justice.

An attack like this is all the more poignant for Gaulish polytheists since, of course, Paris is today the greatest city of what was once Gaul. Ancient Lutetia was an important shipping centre, among other things, and one of the divine Julian’s favourite places to live (it was also where his soldiers proclaimed him Augustus).

The most striking religious monument from ancient Paris is undoubtedly the Pilier des nautes parisiaques, about which Wikipedia has a surprisingly good page (English, French) to which Nantonos Aedui contributed substantially in 2005. This column, set up by a guild involved in shipping on the Seine, is dedicated to the emperor Tiberius and to Jupiter and depicts Cernunnos, Smertrios, Castor and Pollux, Jupiter, Esus, Tarvos Trigaranus, Vulcan, Mars, Mercury, and Fortuna. Other deities would have been depicted as well.

I mention this because some of these deities, I believe, would be highly appropriate to be called on now in Paris’ present affliction. I’m therefore offering to those who would like to join with me in performing it, a series of prayers and offerings: incense for Cernunnos, candles for the Dii Manes of the departed, and grain for Tarvos Trigaranus. I will also be adding a further prayer and offering to Esus for vengeance against the perpetrators, their backers, and their accomplices, but I’m reticent to post the details publicly. (Gaulish curse tablets or defixiones tended to be buried, cast into wells, etc.)

Below are the dedicatory texts I’m using, in French and English. My thanks to Ogam for the original suggestion.

Ô seigneur Cernunnos, je prie que tu m’écoutes.
Tu sièges en majesté, Cernunnos, aux carre­fours des mondes. Toute chose se rencontre chez toi, qu’elle soit élevée ou humble, sauvage ou ap­privoisée, vivante ou morte ; là elle trouve son complément.
Ô puissant Cernunnos, je te prie pour ceux qui ont perdu la vie au cours des attentats meurtriers à Paris—à Lutèce même, la noble ville qui t’est sa­crée.
Je prie que chacun et chacune d’entre les défunts arrive vite et sauf au demeure dans l’Au-delà qui lui est approprié.
Que toute douleur, que toute lamentation, que toute affliction y cesse, et que leurs esprits y jouissent de la félicité, de la paix et de la tran­quillité. Qu’ils ne souffrent plus jamais de triste sort comme celui qu’ils viennent de subir, et qu’ils sachent que nos vœux les accompagnent.
Pour cette raison, je t’offre, ô grand Cernunnos, le don d’encens que voici. Salut Cernunnos, maître des mondes.

Lord Cernunnos, hear me, I pray you.
Majestically you sit, Cernunnos, at the crossroads of the worlds. In you, all things—high and low, wild and tame, living and dead—meet and find their complement.
Mighty Cernunnos, I pray for those who lost their lives in the murderous attacks in Paris—in noble Lutetia, that city sacred to you.
I pray that each one of those killed may quickly and safely reach the appropriate place for them in the Otherworld.
There, may all sickness, sorrow, and sighing for them flee away, and may they enjoy happiness, peace, and tranquillity. May they never again suf­fer a cruel fate like the one they have just under­gone, and may they know our hearts are with them.
For that reason, I offer you, great Cernunnos, this gift of incense. Hail, Cernunnos, master of the worlds.

Diis Manibus
J’allume ces bougies-ci aux dieux mânes des dé­funts. Nos cœurs sont avec vous.
[Lecture des noms des défunts : ]

I light these candles for the Dii Manes of the de­parted. Our hearts are with you.
[Reading of the names of the deceased:]

Elif Doğan & Milko Jozic
Haalima Ben Khalifa Saadi & Hodda Ben Khalifa Saadi
Romain Didier
Précilia Correia
Thibault Rousse Lacordaire
Charlotte Meaud & Emilie Meaud
Anne-Laure Arruebo
Gilles Leclerc
Stella Verry
Nohemi González
Mathieu Hoche
Lola Ouzounian
Cécile Coudon Peccadeau de L’Isle
Armelle Pumir Anticevic
Guillaume Le Dramp
Caroline Prénat
Véronique Geoffroy de Bourgies
Djalal Sebaa
Cédric Gomet
Thomas Ayad
Maud Serrault
Luis Felipe Zschoche Valle
Astia Diakite
Yannick Minvielle
Suzon Garrigues
Mathias Dymarski & Marie Lausch
Manu Perez
Nathalie Jardin
Valentin Ribet
François-Xavier Prévost
Raphaël Ruiz
Romain Naufle
Nick Alexander
Raphaël Hilz
Sven Alejandro Silva Perugini
Eric Thomé
Vincent Detoc
Ariane Theiller
Richard Rammant
Matthieu de Rorthais
Élodie Breuil
Baptiste Chevreau
Stéphane Grégoire
Alva Berglund
Thierry Hardouin
Mohamed Amine Ibnolmobarak
Isabelle Merlin
Justine Dupont
Juan Alberto González Garrido
Marion Jouanneau
Lamia Mondeguer
Estelle Rouat
Romain Dunet
Fabian Stech
Madeleine Sadin
Pierre Innocenti
Mayeul Gaubert
Cécile Misse
David Perchirin
Julien Galisson
Grégory Fosse
Aurélie De Peretti
Patricia San Martín Núñez & Elsa Véronique Delplace San Martín
Claire Camax
Franck Pitiot
Bertrand Navarret
Claire Maitrot-Tapprest
Nathalie Lauraine
Germain Ferey
Nicolas Degenhardt
Ludovic Boumbas
Sébastien Proisy
Frédéric Henninot
Thomas Duperron
Lucie Dietrich
Stéphane Albertini
Antoine Mary
Fanny Minot
Quentin Boulenger
Christophe Lellouche
Stéphane Hache
Fabrice Dubois
Jean-Jacques Kirchheim
Olivier Vernadal
Emmanuel Bonnet
Nicolas Catinat
Alban Denuit
Christophe Mutez
Matthieu Giroud
Salah Emad El-Gebaly
Marie Mosser
Hyacinthe Koma
Cécile Martin
Renaud Le Guen
Anne Cornet & Pierre-Yves Guyomard
Marion Petard Lieffring & Anna Petard Lieffring
Justine Moulin
Valeria Solesin
Djamila Houd
Maxime Bouffard
Chloé Boissinot
Marie-Aimée Dalloz
Kheireddine Sahbi
Nicolas Classeau
Hugo Sarrade
Cédric Mauduit
Christopher Neuet-Shalter
Hélène Muyal
Manuel Colaco Dias
Lola Salines
René Bichon
Jean-Jacques Amiot
Christophe Foultier
Quentin Mourier
Pierre-Antoine Henry
Victor Muñoz
Romain Feuillade
Guillaume Barreau-Decherf
Olivier Hauducoeur
Michelle Gil Jaimes
Cédric Ginestou
Ciprian Calciu & Lăcrămioara Pop

Que vous reposions en paix.

May you rest in peace.

Taruui Trigaranou
Je t’invoque, Tarvos Trigaranus, grand taureau aux trois grues, intercesseur entre les cieux et la terre. Salut Tarvos Trigaranus !
Je vous offre ces grains-ci en te priant que tu sois favorable à Paris, aux Parisiens et à tous et toutes qui souffrent en raison des attentats à Paris et au Stade de France.
Renforce-les. Protège-les. Accorde-les le courage et la détermination de se maintenir malgré leur grief et la rage qu’ils ressentent face à ces atroci­tés.

I invoke you, Tarvos Trigaranus: great bull of three cranes, intercessor between heaven and earth. Hail, Tarvos Trigaranus!
I offer you this grain, praying that you look fa­vourably on Paris, its people, and all those who have suffered because of the attacks in Paris and at the Stade de France.
Strengthen them. Protect them. Give them the courage and determination to endure despite their grief and rage at these atrocities.

Victims’ names are from Heavy.com, which promises to keep its list updated, and from various other news sites.

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I’m a Gaulish polytheist, now back living in lands ceded by the Council of Three Fires after several years’ sojourn in Anatolia and in the land of the Senecas, with frequent travels to Gaul along the way. My grandfather’s family came from the area around Trier, and I identify closely with the Treveri in my religious practice.
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